Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Legacy Wealth Planning’s holistic, integrated wealth management approach begins with a financial plan. We offer a no obligation initial meeting in order to ask and answer a lot of questions. The purpose is to determine if we have a basis for working together effectively given your needs and our services.

The path to the completion of your financial plan involves addressing many topics. The starting point is a clear understanding of your current situation. We develop a thorough picture of your present circumstances by completing a series of meetings, each addressing a specific aspect of your total wealth management plan.

These would include:

  • cash flow
  • insurance review
  • financial independence study
  • investment analysis
  • tax planning
  • estate planning
  • portfolio allocation selection
  • tax preparation
  • education funding

We address additional questions with no extra charge as part of our open retainer. Recommendations are made during each meeting as well as assigning follow-up tasks to proactively improve your financial picture. The end result is a coordinated financial plan that captures all of the improvements and establishes the foundation necessary to showcase different scenarios during life’s changes. The financial plan is updated at least annually.