Retirement Plans

Company Retirement Plans

Establishing and maintaining a company retirement plan involves four distinct roles that must be performed. First is the third party administrator who is responsible for the plan design, ERISA compliance, statements for participants and reconciling all accounts. Second is the trustee, who has fiduciary responsibility to all plan participants. Third is the custodian. The custodian is responsible for holding all of the assets of the plan and executing all trade orders, distributions and additions to the plan. Fourth is the investment advisor. Our job, as the investment advisor, is to provide investment options for the plan participants. We use allocation models comprised mainly of exchange traded funds that are highly diversified, tactically managed and have the lowest possible cost structure.

There are third party administrators that are already set-up to electronically transfer all the data from the investment manager, serve as trustee and have working relationships with a trust company to serve as custodian. This arrangement works seamlessly for the employer. Additionally, we can provide investment management service using existing plan third party administrators.