Trust Services

The first Trust Company in the U.S. was incorporated in 1853. By law, they are the only entities that can offer these services. For decades, these trust departments were owned and operated by bank holding companies. In 2001, National Advisors Trust Company, the first trust company independently owned by over one hundred and thirty advisors, was chartered.

Legacy Wealth Planning, LLC is the founding firm and one of the original owners of this federally chartered, independent trust company located here in Kansas City. Unlike most bank or trust companies, the structure for client services is unique. In this model, an advisor at Legacy Wealth Planning serves as the relationship counselor, investment manager and wealth management advisor. The trust administration is performed jointly by an advisor at Legacy Wealth Planning and an experienced trust officer at National Advisors Trust Company.

Trusts can play a vital role in your wealth management plans. As an owner of National Advisor’s Trust, we work with them to implement any trusts needed to maximize your planning.  Click the following link to learn more about the different Trusts managed by Legacy Wealth Planning and Administered by National Advisors Trust Company : Trust Services.