Investment Management

Like most investment professionals, our investment philosophy has evolved over our professional lives. The foundation of our investment management philosophy includes:

  1. Yale style portfolio
    • Broader asset classes
    • Use of alternative investments
  2. Asset allocation
  3. Dynamic approach
  4. Tax efficiency
  5. Adequate liquidity
  6. Total transparency
  7. Low costs

The defining characteristic of our portfolio allocation models is to embrace the philosophy of the managers of endowment portfolios at institutions like Yale and Harvard. Why? Because they have been the most successful institutional investors over the last 20 years. These institutions have been allocating to broader asset classes and alternative investments for decades, which has produced superior performance compared to their peer group and they have accomplished this with a reduced risk level. Our investment process is performed by an Investment Committee that diversifies into asset classes that do not move with traditional markets and therefore, minimize exposure to the ups and downs of the stock markets.