Company Services

The services of our firm have been designed and developed to coordinate all financial aspects of your life. We work with both individuals and companies. For our client familes, we provide investment management, wealth management and trust services. The goal of the wealth management process is to produce savings through tax planning, insurance reviews, spending plans and tax preparation. This savings is then added to investment portfolios so they can increase in value even faster. An additional part of the wealth management process uses various trust services to maximize the transfer of wealth to your loved ones or favorite philanthropic organization.

We also work with the investment management of company retirement plans. However, instead of using families of mutual funds with loads (commissions) like many other advisors, we take a different approach. We make the same allocation models available to employees as we use with our individual planning clients. So now for the first time ever, an employee can hold an allocation of predominately ETF's in their company retirement plan account.